Photography was invented about 180 years ago. Back then, photography was all about the use of a camera by a photographer. Today, thanks to modern technology the situation is changed. Two decades ago, people have witnessed the emergence of so-called computational photography. Today, many photographers say that this is the future of photography.

In case you didn’t know, computational photography gathers a large amount of data from image sensors or images and mixes this data algorithmically. The final result is a unique photo that cannot be taken with digital or film photography.

This computational photography is now present in every smartphone we use and people are already sharing such photos online through popular social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. The HDR concept was introduced for the first time in iPhone 4. Many professional photographers were impressed by the performance of this smartphone and its ability to take multiple images automatically and manually. With the help of specialized editing software, photographers today can enhance the appearance of their photos on their mobile devices and computers.

This concept is relatively old now (7 years old) and it is obvious that the developers are thinking about other solutions that will allow photographers to take even better photos. For instance, in the recent period, they are making experiments with multiple lenses. As we already said, the DSLR usually has one costly lens. Now, they want to add smaller lenses that can compute on photos and integrate the results. Due to the fact that technology is now more affordable than ever, we can expect such cameras to appear on the market in the next few years.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that developers are working on a synched infrared sensor that is able to capture and display depth information. Google has a special project focused on this aspect known as Tango. They say that their project will eliminate the distortions that are usually associated with the focus of images.

Computational photography is great for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology too and as we all know, this technology is advertised as the next big thing in the field of technology.

There are many photography tips related to this form of photography so if you are planning on using it, you should spend some time doing research. If you are running a photo business, make sure that you are following the latest news.

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